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Map to SchoolDayTimeRoomEmail Sponsor
AC Perry K-8MO2:00 PMAriella
Airbase K-8FR3:00 PM5108Coach Jose Crissien
Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the ArtsFR11:05 AM9-117Deborah Sherwood
Alonzo Tracy Mourning High SchoolWE2:40 PM324Mrs. Christine Bennett
American Senior High SchoolTU11:20 AMAuditoriumBrenda Graibe
Apollo Middle SchoolWE4:00 PMpotable 34Fenoune Sainvil
Arthur & Polly Mays Conservatory of the ArtsFR2:30 PM4Renee Gregory
Arvida Middle SchoolTH3:50 PM501Adrianne Suarez
Ascend Academy Charter High SchoolMO2:50 PMAdam Rhodes
Aspira Middle SchoolWE2:30 PM305Activities Director
Atlantic Community High SchoolTU3:00 PMMichah Atmosfera
Atlantic Technical CollegeMO2:00 PM2413George Orfino
Attucks Middle SchoolMO4:00 PM848Ms Lenon
Aventura Waterways K-8 CenterWE2:00 PM334Laura Sheree Faison
Bair Middle SchoolTU3:50 PM142Joan Salansky
Barbara Goleman Senior High SchoolWE2:30 PM9201Evelyn Roman
Blanche Ely High SchoolWE2:50 PM663Ryan Barrow
Boca Raton High SchoolMO12:05 PM4-214Sarah Call
Booker T Washington Senior High SchoolFR2:30 PMShresese James
Boyd H. Anderson High SchoolTU3:00 PM159Victoria McDaniel
Boynton Beach High SchoolMO11:15 AM2-117Rudy Diaz
Carver Community Middle SchoolTU4:00 PM3-109Donna Glaude
Christa McAuliffe Middle SchoolTU8:30 AMPortable 7Rob Kulics
Clark Advanced Learning CenterWE12:25 PMPlazaGwyneth Ellyn Wood
Coconut Creek High SchoolTH1:45 PM238DeAnna Landis
Coconut Palm K-8 AcademyTU12:00 PMPatioMrs. Jones-Carey
Cooper City HighTU7:30 AMScott Solvergren
Coral Gables Senior HighTU2:30 PM9308Fernando Fernandez
Coral Glades High SchoolWE2:45 PM402Rojesterman Farris
Coral Reef HighTH12:00 PMJenni Brophy
Coral Springs Charter SchoolTU2:30 PM241LaSilvia McCorvey
Coral Springs High SchoolTU2:45 PM1007Dina LaFargue Augustin
Coral Springs Middle SchoolTU8:45 AM521Thia Thomas
Cross Creek SchoolTH9:00 AM602Jazelle Garcon
Crystal Lake MiddleTU4:00 PM856Grace Greenwood
Cutler Bay High SchoolWE12:05 PMMrs Angelina Wright
Cutler Bay Middle SchoolWE4:00 PM134Betsy Beza
Cypress Bay High SchoolWE3:00 PM435Ester Calderon
Dave Thomas High SchoolWE10:35 AMCafeteriaRaymond Bosk
Dave Thomas Middle SchoolWE11:25 AMCafeteriaMarrion Edwards
Deerfield Beach High SchoolMO2:45 PM507Mr Luce
Deerfield Beach Middle SchoolTU3:00 PM401Virgie Dieujuste
Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH)WE11:55 AMMrs. Roper
Devonaire K-8TH3:05 PM1307Debbie Swicegood
Dillard High SchoolMO3:00 PM678Demetria Rawls
Dillard Middle SchoolTU3:00 PM678Chandra Powell
Don Estridge High Tech Middle SchoolTU8:30 AM171Kendall Woods
Dr. David L. Anderson Middle SchoolMO3:55 PMBldg 2 Room 214Tessa Frates
Driftwood Middle SchoolWE4:00 PM406Sherwood Brooks
Emerald Cove Middle SchoolTH3:50 PMChorusBrett Bailey
Eugine B. ThomasFR3:00 PMFraticellie RoomMr. Fraticelli
Everglades High SchoolTU2:45
Everglades Preparatory AcademyTU3:10 PM135Ms Adrianna Rodriguez
Falcon Cove Middle SchoolMO8:30 AMMedia CenterBeverly Copeland
Felix Varela Senior High SchoolTH2:30 PM242
Flanagan High SchoolWE3:00 PM1831Ed Maina
Florida Christian Middle SchoolTU3:00 PMC-206Adriana Lopez
Florida Christian SchoolWE3:00 PMC-206
Forest Glen Middle SchoolTH4:00 PM1905Jessica Bencivenga
Forest Hill High SchoolTU3:30 PM4-111Rachel Pignato
Fort Lauderdale High SchoolTU3:00 PM1703Daniel Donohue
Fort Pierce Central High SchoolFR11:15 AM283Cynthia Marie Puentes
Fort Pierce Westwood High SchoolFR10:20
Frank Crawford Martin K-8 CenterMO3:10 PM969Claudia Walden
Franklin AcademyTH3:45 PM244Christina Herrera
Franklin AcademyWE3:30 PMSarah Principe
Franklin Academy (West Broward)TU4:00 PMMs. King
Franklin Academy WestWE3:30 PMMediaMantza Rosado
G Holmes Braddock Senior High SchoolFR2:30 PMOmara Mayoral
G-Star School of the ArtsTH3:00 PM"J" BuildingAnthony Hoy
Gateway Environmental K-8 Learning CenterWE7:45 AM319Betsy Beza
Glades Middle School (Broward)FR8:00 AMRichard Ortiz
Glades Middle School (Dade)TH4:00 PMComputer RoomMrs Deli
H.L Watkins Middle SchoolTU4:00 PM115Ms. Katrice Hagans
Hallandale High SchoolTH2:30 PMFurshelia White
Herbert A. Ammons Middle SchoolMO4:00 PM801-ALes C. Santiago
Hialeah Gardens Senior High SchoolMO11:30 AM3105Phillip Howard Chait
Hialeah Senior High SchoolTU12:00 PM837
Hidden Oaks Middle SchoolWE8:15 AMChorusStephanie Neff
Highland Oaks Middle SchoolTH4:00PM203Mr. Valmana
Hollywood Hills High SchoolWE2:50 PM169Noemi Rosa
Homestead Middle SchoolFR2:30 PMBand RoomAnastasia Casmir
MO4:00 PM
Imagine Middle School at BrowardFR8:30 AM55Theresa Swope
iMater Charter Middle/High SchoolWE2:45 PM
Independence Middle SchoolFR8:15 AM2-111Michelle Vidal
Indian Ridge Middle SchoolTH4:00 PM130Judith Wynter
Indiantown Middle SchoolTU4:00 PM4-213Sandra Racette
Inlet Grove Community High SchoolTU11:15 AMIsaac Georges
International Studies Charter High SchoolTU2:30 PM203Mrs. Figuroa
International Studies Charter Middle SchoolTU3:30 PM203Mrs. Figuroa
James S. Rickards Middle SchoolWE4:05 PM506Kim Mitchell
Jeaga Middle SchoolTU4:00 PM
Jensen Beach High SchoolMO2:45 PMChoirJimmy Paul
JOHN A. FERGUSON Senior HighWE2:20 PM311Mr Joseph Warren (Shefithis Leonard Dad)
John F. Kennedy Middle SchoolWE4:00 PM715Gene Nikkolo
John I. Leonard Community High SchoolPaulette Ford
Jorge Mas Canosa Middle SchoolWE8:45 AM342Chelsea Hamden / Erika Nieto
Jose De DiegoFR8:30 AMChris Israel
Jupiter High SchoolWE11:15amGym EntranceRob Hagenbach
Jupiter Middle SchoolTU8:15 AMPorable 4-11Jennifer Maltese
Keys Gate Charter SchoolFR2:30 PMBand RoomMr. Cruz/Mr Thompson
Lake Shore Middle SchoolTU8:30 AM2-205Patricia Mendoza
Lake Worth Community High SchoolWE11:20 AM8-103Robert Mejeur
Lamar Louise Curry Middle SchoolWE8:00 AMMs Armis
Lauderdale Lakes Middle SchoolTU2:30 PM128Nadia Wellington
Lauderhill High SchoolTU8:45 AM212kaullis Marshall
Lauderhill Middle SchoolTU4:00 PM132Marshall
Lawton Chiles Middle SchoolTU8:00 AM301
Lincoln Park AcademyFR11:15 AM216David Perry
Lyons Creek Middle SchoolTH4:00 PM114Mary Alvarez
Mandarin Lakes K-8 AcademyTH12:00 PMChorus 035
Margate Middle SchoolTH4:00 PM126Lesley Shell
Martin County High SchoolWE3:00 PMP227Mrs Natalie Drumm
Mater Academy Charter High SchoolTH12:00 PM60Martha Hernandez
Mater Academy Charter Middle SchoolFR2:30 PM60Martha Hernandez
McArthur High SchoolTU2:30 PM417Stacy Ann Bennett
McFatter Technical CenterTU12:25 PM601aMrs. Dixon
McNichol Middle SchoolTH2:30 PMConference RoomSandra Powell
Miami Carol City Senior High SchoolTH2:30 PMHarold Barnwell
Miami Central Senior HighWE2:30 PM1216Mrs. McKinie
TU12:05 PMGym
Miami Coral Park HighschoolWE2:30 PMMr. Markland
Miami Jackson Senior High SchoolWE2:30 PM260Mrs. Taylor
Miami Killian Senior High SchoolTH2:30 PMOld CafeteriaCorey Johnson
Miami Lakes Educational CenterTH2:30 PM5142Jose Laguna
Miami Lakes MiddleFR3:00 PMMr. Gutierez
Miami Norland Middle SchoolWE3:30 PM
Miami Norland Senior High SchoolWE2:30 PM241Paul Williams
Miami Palmetto Senior High SchoolTH2:30 PM101
Miami Sunset Senior High School
Michael Krop High SchoolFR2:30 PM2161Drake Pearson
Millennium Middle SchoolWE4:30 PM411Florence Carter
Miramar High SchoolWE2:30 PM152Jean R. Maurice
Monarch High SchoolWE2:45 PM255Tracy Bell
Murray Middle SchoolTU3:50PM104Ms. Gordon
New Renaissance Middle SchoolTU4:20 PMEdwin F. Maier
New River Middle SchoolWE4:00 PM164Angela Greene
North Broward Academy of ExcellenceTH3:50 PM204Ron Brown
North Miami Beach Senior High SchoolFR2:30 PMRoom 252Vanessa Armand-Jackson
North Miami Middle SchoolTU4:00 PM1126LaRhonda Donaldson
Northeast High SchoolWE10:50AM/11:30AMRoom 11 SouthStacey Hankerson
Nova High SchoolWE11:00 AM / 12:15 PMP 13 / ?? 2nd LunchBeverlene McDonald / Mrs. U (2nd lunch)
Nova Middle SchoolTH4:30 PM3922Isabel Olivera
Olsen Middle SchoolWE2:00 PM905Annemarie Robinson
Omni Middle SchoolTH4:05 PM6102Larry Harris
Palm Beach Central High SchoolTH3:00 PM7201Natasha Quince
Palm Beach Gardens High SchoolTU11:00 AM3-208Tammi Elford
Palm Beach Lakes High SchoolTH3:00 PM232Donnette Levy
Palm Glades Preparatory AcademyTU3:00 PM315Melissa Rodriguez
TU8:30 AM1-227
Park Vista Community High SchoolTHLunch10-104Diana L. Smith
Parkway Middle SchoolTU3:30 PM2567Joy Williams
Pembroke Pines Charter Middle School (West)TU3:15 PMLunch RoomDesiree Sielaff
Pines Charter High SchoolMO2:00 PMU235Nancy Altimore
Pines Charter Middle School (Central)TH3:15 PM128Rita S Campbell
Pines Middle SchoolMO8:00 AMChorus RoomMs Desoto
Pioneer Middle SchoolWE3:30 PMMercie Hoff
Piper High SchoolTU2:40 PMMOD 1Mr. Hanna
Plantation High SchoolWE3:00 PM2514Sue Anderson
Plantation Middle SchoolWE4:00 PM118Ransford Fearon
Pompano Beach High SchoolTH3:30 PM320Ronald David Holley
Pompano Beach Middle SchoolTH3:50 PM814Maria Masciola
Port St. Lucie High SchoolTH1:45 PM307Mr. Villari
Ramblewood Middle SchoolTH8:20 AM183Mrs. Dawson
Ransom EvergladesWE9:20 AM
Redlands MiddleWE4:00 PMA113Mrs. Garcia-Cerra
Renaissance Charter at SummitMO3:30 PM232Joanne Leon
Renaissance Charter at TraditionFR3:30 PMMichelle Bacon
Renaissance Charter of Coral SpringsWE3:30 PM153Tina Sears
Renaissance Charter School at PlantationTU3:00 PMBldg C Room 206Rebecca Edme
Renaissance Charter School at UniversityFR3:30 PM164Rebecca Milazzo
Richmond Heights Middle SchoolTU4:00 PMAuditoriumMr. Washington
Robert Morgan Educational CenterTU11:45 AMGiorgio's
Ronald W. Reagan Doral Senior High SchoolFR2:30 PM305Jonas Campos
Royal Palm Beach Community High SchoolWE3:00 PM3-217Marcel Bowens
Santaluces Community High SchoolFR7:00 AM1130Alice Hagood Ross
Sawgrass Springs Middle SchoolMO8:25 AM334Emily Riedmayer
School for Advanced Studies - Doral @ MDCWE10:30 AM
Seminole Middle SchoolWE2:40 PM120Mrs. Booker
Seminole Ridge Community High SchoolTH3:00 PM5-116Kathy Ficek
Shenandoah Middle SchoolTH8:00 AM305Miriam Wedderburn
Silver Lakes Middle SchoolWE8:30 AM158Vanessa L. Barnes
Silver Trail Middle SchoolTU3:35 PM112Julie Toscano
Somerset Prep Academy - North LauderdaleTU3:00 PM327Antonia B Chriswell
Somerset Academy Canyons Charter SchoolTH3:00 PMJosh Harris
Somerset Academy Charter Middle School - MiamiTH2:30 PMRoom 218
Somerset Charter - MiramarFR3:30 PMMedia CenterJudy Medina
Somerset Charter - WestWE2:45 PM418Angie Rodriquez
Somerset Charter SchoolTH3:40 PMCynthia Seely
Somerset College Prep Middle SchoolFR11:30 AM123Kristina Heit
Somerset College Prep. Acad.FR11:30 AM134Antonia B Chriswell
Somerset Middle School - MiramarMO3:25 PM221Tina Guandalini
South Broward High SchoolTU2:30 PM422Alana Tharkur
South Dade Middle SchoolWE7:35 AMMrs. Orozco RoomMaria Orozco
South Dade Senior High SchoolTH2:30 PM3320Omar Morales
South Fork High SchoolTU11:00 AMA- Turull B- ChoirMarc Turull
South Plantation High SchoolTU3:00 PM144Judy A. Baker
South Tech AcademyTH2:00 PMBuilding 2 Related ClassroomBarbara J. Fraga
Southport Middle SchoolWE4:00 PMMedia CenterMrs. Tammy Altizer
Southwest HSFR2:20 PM237Yolette Benain-Barned
Southwood Middle SchoolMO4:00 PM340Mrs. Ileen Martin
St. Lucie West Centennial High SchoolTU2:00 PMTBDRon Sirmans
Stoneman Douglas High SchoolWE2:45 PM401Lisa Hitchcock
Stranahan High SchoolTU3:00 PM269Alexandria Stone
Stuart Middle SchoolMO8:15 AM108Mr. William Bickley
Suncoast High SchoolTU12:10 PM3-101Kara Macsuga
Sunrise Middle SchoolTH3:45 PM510ANickesha Pitter
Taravella High SchoolWE2:45 PM515Robin Paino
Tequesta Trace Middle SchoolTH3:35 PM718Glory Andreolas
TERRA Environmental Research InstituteTH2:00 PM
The Masters AcademyTU3:30 PMNick Varsalona
Treasure Coast High SchoolTU2:00 PMAtlas QuadKatelyn Barreto
Walter C. Young Middle SchoolTH3:30 PM709Kenneth Michael Griffin
Watson B. Duncan Middle SchoolTH8:15 AMPortable 16Julio Vega
Wellington Community High SchoolTU11:15 AMroom 2-118Nancy Toussaint
Wellington Landings Middle SchoolMO3:45 PM613Robin Stern
West Boca Community High SchoolFR12:15 PM4-4209Jim Lubbers
West Broward High SchoolTU3:00 PM215Gina Carlton
Western High SchoolWE2:50 PM210 - -Wilford Robinson
Westglades Middle SchoolWE8:15 AMGymLarry Bremner
Whiddon Rogers High SchoolTH12:00 PMTate Smith
William H. Turner Technical Arts High SchoolMO2:30 PM253Janae Blatch
William T. Dwyer High SchoolTU11:25 AM1144Sandra Torres
Zelda GlazerMO2:405203Anemari