Connect Week 8


Followers Of Jesus Are Disciples and Make Disciples!

Prepare Ahead Of Time:

Connect Week PowerPoint, Student Testimony, Two Blindfolds, Two Sets of Car Keys.


1 Corinthians 11:1

Countdown Video* (5mins):

Play countdown video found at


Welcome (2mins)

Say: Welcome to Connect Week! We are excited to talk about how to connect to our churches, connect to the Lord and connect with our friends here at First Priority! Who got a chance to go to church this week? …. Awesome!

Icebreaker* (Blindfold Challenge) (10mins)

Say: Today we are going to play Blindfold Challenge! I need a couple of volunteers! Also we need to split into two teams!

Split to whole group into two teams. Blindfold the two volunteers and assign one to each team. Place the two sets of car keys on opposite sides of the room. Make sure the volunteers don’t see where the keys are placed.

Say: Ok! Now the goal of this game is to help your blindfolded player to get their set of car keys. They cannot see and so they will need your help to find the keys! You can help your teams in one of two ways. You can give correct instructions to your teammate to help them find the key, you can also give incorrect instructions to the other team’s blindfolded teammate. Everyone should be shouting out instructions, it is up to the blindfolded players to determine who to listen to!

Play a few rounds if time allows.

Connect To God (7mins)

Say: It can be tough to know who to listen to! We have people giving input into our lives every day. Teachers, parents, friends, social media, tv and movies have an effect on us even when we don’t realize it. One of the hardest parts of growing up is learning who to tune in to and who to tune out! When it comes to spiritual matters this is especially true! It can be tough to know who to listen to when it comes to the things of God.

It is important that we as Christians have relationships that involve discipleship. The word disciple gets tossed around a lot in the church. You might hear that we are called to be disciples, make disciples and walk as a disciple. All of these are true, but to a person who hasn’t spent a lifetime in church, but who wants to know God, it can be confusing. Being a disciple simply means to be a follower of another person. So we are disciples of Jesus when we put our faith in Him.

Following Jesus was never meant to be an individual sport! It’s a team effort! We need to have other mature Christians in our lives to help us walk with Jesus, we need to have these influences to help us know and understand what it looks like to follow Jesus, and to keep us on the right path. We must choose carefully who we allow to disciple us, but it is a vital part of being a Christian!

We are also called to make disciples by pointing others to Jesus and showing them what that looks like! It is important that we play that role in other Christian’s lives in helping to disciple them in their walk with Jesus! This doesn’t end with sharing the Gospel, we have a responsibility to keep walking alongside and sharing with other believers how Jesus changes our lives and showing them what it looks like to walk in obedience. Paul demonstrated this in his life. He was always inviting people to live life with him and modeling for them what following Jesus looked like!

“And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ” – 1 Corinthians 11:1

Followers of Jesus are disciples and make disciples. So we should be looking for opportunities to receive discipleship and opportunities to provide discipleship for others!

Say: Who is someone who has engaged in discipleship with you?

Allow students to answer

Say: What does it look like to disciple someone?

Allow students to answer

Say: Who are you discipling? Who can you begin a discipleship relationship with this week?

Allow students to answer  

New Believer Moment(3mins)

Say: Is there anyone here today that made a decision for the first time to follow Jesus last week at Proclaim Week? If you would like to share about why you made that decision we would love to hear from you today! But, we understand if that’s scary and you don’t want to stand up here and share yet.

Give a moment for new believers to share if they are willing

Say: If you made a decision to follow Jesus and you didn’t get a chance to share, or didn’t want to quite yet, make sure you see a student leader after club today. Also, make sure you get a First Priority Bible!

Have student leaders identify themselves 

Connect To Church Activity (8mins)

Say: Today –STUDENT NAME– is going to share with us about their church, why they are involved weekly, and how they serve the Lord at their local church.

Have a student leader answer these questions:

  1. What church do you go to? How are you involved?

Encourage the student to explain why being connected to a local church is such a big part of their life.

  1. Can you share a story of how you church has discipled you?
  2. What does your church do to promote discipleship relationships?

Connect To Club(5mins)

Say: It’s important to keep coming back to club throughout the school year, if you are going to be part of the club this year, please fill out a membership form to become an official member of the First Priority Club here at – SCHOOL NAME- we are so excited to welcome anyone of you to be a member! If your not sure you want to be a member yet that’s ok too! Just keep coming and enjoying these times with us!

Pass out membership cards to those students who want them

Say: We will now use our three-week planner to plan the next few weeks of club. You can have an opportunity to be part of the team by signing up to help!

Use the three week planner giving students opportunity to volunteer

In-Prayer Moment (2mins)

Say: Let’s take a couple minutes to break into small groups and pray for the friends on our prayer cards that they would know Jesus, get connected to our club and get involved in a church!

Give them a couple minutes to pray

Club Selfie (2mins)

Say: Let’s take a club selfie!

Get the whole group together and take a selfie. Post it to social media with the hashtag #FPClubSelfie

Announcements* (2mins)

Display announcement slides

Say: We have lots of different church options if you don’t have a home church check out the ones here on the screen. If you don’t see your church listed let me know. We will see you next week at Equip Week! We are excited to have you join us as we discuss the question of “What is Truth?” Be sure to be there… and feel free to invite some friends!                                              

Make any local club announcements