Connect Week 9


We Should Invite Friends And Classmates To Church!

Prepare Ahead Of Time:

Multiple Church Easter Service Invites.


Welcome (2mins)

Say: Welcome to Connect Week! Today we are actually going to go out on campus and invite people to church for Easter!  

New Believer Moment(3mins)

Say: Is there anyone here today that made a decision for the first time to follow Jesus last week at Proclaim Week? If you would like to share about why you made that decision we would love to hear from you today! But, we understand if that’s scary and you don’t want to stand up here and share yet.

Give a moment for new believers to share if they are willing

Say: If you made a decision to follow Jesus and you didn’t get a chance to share, or didn’t want to quite yet, make sure you see a student leader after club today. Also, make sure you get a First Priority Bible!

Have student leaders identify themselves 

In-Prayer Moment (2mins)

Say: Let’s take a couple minutes to break into small groups and pray for the friends on our prayer cards that they would know Jesus, get connected to our club and get involved in a church!

Give them a couple minutes to pray

Connect To Church Activity

Say: Today we are going to head out onto to campus and invite anyone we encounter to come to church this Easter! Hopefully you brought your churches invite card with you, but if not maybe just write down your church information. This is not about inviting people to any particular church, this is about inviting people to hear the Gospel this Easter! So let’s go in pairs of two and spend the rest of our time inviting people to church!