Pray for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

On Thursday, February 15th many churches in Broward county came together to pray for those affected by the school shooting. Our hope is that you can join us in prayer though the following prayer points:

  • For the families of victims.
  • For the students who lost friends and mentors.
  • For the First Priority students as they return to campus standing for Christ.
  • For the Gospel to penetrate the hearts of students.
  • For our schools all over South Florida.
  • For the first responders who broke news to families and experienced the aftermath.
  • For MSD Staff who lost friends and will need to lead the scared students.
  • For the school board as they seek to protect our students.
  • Against evil and for the ever-coming return of Christ.

Crystal Miller

Six days after the shooting at Douglas, First Priority partnered with the NW Broward churches and Church United to host Columbine survivor, Crystal Miller, at Church by the Glades. Below is her message of #Hope4Douglas.

First Priority Students all over South Florida are standing with their peers of MSD

This shooting did happen on one campus in our area, yet, EVERY school campus has been affected.

Students are afraid.
Teachers are unsure what to say.
The community is confused.

However, our God is a God who brings beauty from the ashes. He is using this terrible moment in history to show the unity of the church. As seen in the photo above, students from schools all over South Florida are praying for those at Stoneman Douglas as well as their schools. As we continue forward, please join us in vigilant prayer for all of the campuses in South Florida and in our nation.

With heavy hearts, we share of the loss at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

On Wednesday, February 14th 2018, students at MSD High School were planning to head for the First Priority Club that would begin once the final bell sounded. However, before that bell went off, they heard a different, unfamiliar loud noise – but that sound signaled the opposite of the freedom that comes at the end of the school day. Beginning at 2:19 PM, students of Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, FL heard multiple gun shots followed by screams and breaking glass. Many ran for cover under a desk, in a closet or behind a bookcase. However, 17 lives were taken, including Helena Ramsay.

Helena was a junior and she was an active member of the school’s First Priority Club. Helena was quiet and reserved but she showed valor and care while protecting a friend during the shooting. A few weeks prior to the tragedy, Helena took a spiritual gifts test with other members of her club. Her test results showed that her gifts were faith and exhortation. The definition of exhortation according to the test is “The primary means of exhortation is to remind the hearer of the powerful and amazing work of God in Christ”. Based on this, the testimony of those who knew her and her consistent involvement in First Priority, we know and we pray that her loved ones know she is resting peacefully in communion with the Christ she relied on. To learn more about Helena, here is a article from the Miami Herald that shares a little more of her story. Also, here are the details for her funeral (Funeral Details).


Marlins chaplain Chris Lane ministers to families in Parkland, Florida in the midst of school shooting


A Message from Chris Lane
Emailed Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 7:51 PM

As of the writing of this e-mail it has been a crazy few hours due to the school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School.

We just had lunch with several of our Campus Coaches who were headed to Douglas for the weekly First Priority Club meeting. Little did they know what was about to happen.

The calls, text messages and reports started coming in…(actually right before this situation we got a call to pray for another school campus that had received a bomb threat). So, we prayed. Then the report of an active shooter, shots fired, and injuries.

So, we prayed again and started to follow the situation. Our campus coaches who were on their way to Douglas for the First Priority Campus Club meeting were not able to enter the campus because it was already locked down. They began to pray and minister to parents as everyone waited for details. Our Broward director Stefan Bomberger was also there and able to stay in contact with area churches and pastors in the community.

Churches and leaders began to contact us to let us know they were praying and available to help in some way. The plan for ministry and help was going into effect. The days ahead will not be easy but God is real and He wants all men to turn to Him. This will be an opportunity as people have questions and need comfort. It will be an opportunity for all of us to share the love of Christ. I pray for boldness as we all encounter people who need Jesus.

This is real stuff and we never know what our future holds and we all need to be more generous with the Gospel and let people know that there is HOPE and it is in JESUS!

The Church has come together and is united in effort. There will be a Prayer Vigil at Parkridge Baptist Church on Thursday at noon. If you are local and are able to attend please join us – our community is hurting and needs prayer.

This is a harsh reminder of why First Priority is so needed in our schools. So many of our young people are hurting, lost and need Jesus. As we take the Light of the Jesus continue to pray for hearts to turn toward Him.

Pray for the FP team as we come along side Douglas High School during this difficult time.

Let’s Keep Spreading the Gospel –
Chris Lane