Our Strategy

At First Priority all our campus clubs follow a four-week strategy we call TEAM. TEAM is an acronym for Tell, Equip, Ask, and Mission.

Tell Week

On Tell Week we tell our “God Stories” – stories of what God is doing in our lives and on our campus. Tell Week reminds us WHY we have a First Priority club on campus.

Equip Week

On Equip Week, using monthly training resources, we’re equipped to share our faith. Equip Week shows us HOW we can personally impact our campus with the Gospel.

Ask Week

On Ask Week we ask God, through prayer, to move powerfully on our campus and in our friends’ lives. Ask Week reminds us WHO we are seeking to reach with the Gospel.

Mission Week

On Mission Week we bring in free pizzas or donuts, our friends, and a guest speaker. Mission Week is WHEN we share the Gospel, inviting new students to come to Christ.