TEAM Resources (2015-16)


At First Priority, we are all about the GOSPEL.
Below are all the tools you need to put the TEAM strategy into action on your campus. The newly formatted TEAM guides are easily downloaded onto your tablet’s e-reader for simplicity. Or you can easily print any of the materials, double-sided, on standard 8.5 x 11 paper.

Make sure you have multiple copies of the Four-Week Planner and Speaker Guidelines printed and stored in the classroom where your club meets. This will save you time and help your club stay organized.

adobe_reader_buttonIf you don’t have Acrobat Reader installed, you may download it here.


Monthly TEAM Resources

 Four-Week Planner
 Club PowerPoint Slideshow
 Now Grow Bible Study (New Believers)
 Dare2Share App
 #MyStory App
 MISSION Speaker Guidelines
 Student Testimony Guide


1 >> Cycle I Downloads

 TEAM 1 Guides (PDF)
 TELL 1 Video (Coaches Corner: The Disciples’ God Story)
 EQUIP 1 Video (Plan2Share: The Cause Circle)


2 >> Cycle II Downloads

 TEAM 2 Guides (PDF)
 TELL 2 Video (Coaches Corner: Peter’s God Story)
 EQUIP 2A Video (GOSPEL by Propaganda)
 EQUIP 2B Video (Dare2Share: GOD)


3 >> Cycle III Downloads

 TEAM 3 Guides (PDF)
 TELL 3 Video (Coaches Corner: Stephen’s God Story)
 EQUIP 3 Video (Dare2Share: OUR)
 SEP Network Notes (PDF)


4 >> Cycle IV Downloads

 TEAM 4 Guides (PDF)
 TELL 4 Video (Coach’s Corner: Philip’s God Story)
 EQUIP 4 Video (Dare2Share: SINS)
 NOV Network Notes (PDF)


5 >> Cycle V Downloads

 TEAM 5 Guides (PDF)
 TELL 5 Video (Coach’s Corner: Paul’s God Story)
 EQUIP 5 Video (Dare2Share: PAYING)
 DEC Network Notes (PDF)


6 >> Cycle VI Downloads

 TEAM 6 Guides (PDF)
 TELL 6 Video (Coach’s Corner: Cornelius’ God Story)
 EQUIP 6 Video (Dare2Share: EVERYONE)
 JAN Network Notes (PDF)


7 >> Cycle VII Downloads

 TEAM 7 Guides (PDF)
 TELL 7 Video (Coach’s Corner: Barnabas’ God Story)
 EQUIP 6 Video (Dare2Share: LIFE)
 FEB Network Notes (PDF)


8 >> Cycle VIII Downloads

 TEAM 8 Guides (PDF)
 TELL 8 Video (Coach’s Corner: Lydia’s God Story)
 EQUIP 8 Video (Dare2Share: FOR ME)
 MAR Network Notes (PDF)


9 >> Cycle IX Downloads

 TEAM 9 Guides (PDF)
 TELL 9 Video (Coach’s Corner: Silas’ God Story)
 APR Network Notes (PDF)