Use Our Resources

This is the area of our site where you will find all the resources to run your weekly weekly meetings. All First Priority clubs use a four-week strategy based on the acronym TEAM.

  1. Tell Week. This is the week we tell God Stories and share testimonies. It also includes a monthly training video, Coaches Corner.
  2. Equip Week. This is the week students are equipped and trained in personal evangelism.
  3. Ask Week. On Ask Week we break up into small groups, for prayer, and ask God to move in the hearts and lives of our unsaved friends.
  4. Mission Week. On Mission Week every club orders pizza or donuts and invites lost friends out to hear the gospel from a guest speaker.

The TEAM strategy is cycled ten times (I to X) throughout the school year. If you are new, begin with our First Priority University training series, followed by TEAM Cycle 1, TEAM Cycle II, etc. Try to have a Mission Week as your last meeting before any extended school vacation time, such as Thanksgiving, Winter, or Spring break. Avoid scheduling a Mission Week if your club was  off the week prior, as it will be harder for club members to remember and spread the word effectively.

Finally, if your club has high-speed internet access, all the videos on our site should stream easily.  If not, make sure you download the video files first and bring them to club.  A link for download will always be provided below the videos.