Game Day Child Protection Policy

We must protect our children and the children at Game Day clubs. Child abuse is defined as any verbal or sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or infliction of injury.

Examples of sexual abuse are rape, incest, sodomy, lewd or lascivious behavior which includes wrong types of speech or touching.

In order to protect the child from abuse and our workers from false accusations, the following steps must be taken:


Children must not be left unsupervised. THIS IS CRITICAL! Two ministry staff/volunteers must be present at any Game Day or ministry setting where children are present.


All rooms used by adults and minors together must be accessible (no locked doors) and with open visibility (a window in the door or the door left wide open).


All suspicious or inappropriate behavior between an adult and a minor must be reported to supervisory staff and investigated immediately.

Any suspicious bruises or lacerations on a child must be brought to the attention of the school administration.

That is for a certified school official to determine. Your job is to observe and inform school leadership.

Game Day Doctrinal Protection Policy

I understand that Game Day Ministries is without specific denominational affiliation and have read the “Statement of Faith.” Becoming a co-laborer with Game Day and in order to protect the ministry, I agree not to propagate or practice in Game Day Clubs any distinctive or controversial doctrines, methods, and practices that would go beyond the Game Day “Statement of Faith” and the approved Game Day curriculum. These would include but not be limited to such things as modes of baptism, alteration of the Gospel message, speaking in tongues, interpretation of Scripture by experience, healing on demand, etc. I understand that anyone who does not adhere to this agreement cannot serve with Game Day Ministries as paid staff or volunteers. Should problems arise between Game Day Ministries and myself that cannot be fully reconciled, I will quietly withdraw to preserve the harmony essential to having an effective Christian witness.