Gospel Champions is a transformative recurring monthly giving program that empowers partners like you to make a lasting impact on the lives of students all across Florida. By becoming a Gospel Champion, partners pledge ongoing support to advance our mission and vision of First Priority. Each month, your gift helps uphold the values of the Gospel, prayer, generosity, and service, fueling campus clubs to bring the Hope of Christ to their school.

Together, Gospel Champions demonstrate the profound impact of collective goodwill in the name of Jesus.

77% of people who surrender their life to Jesus, do so before the age of 18.

Our mission field is to reach 600,000 students to hear the Gospel.

The forefront of our evangelical endeavors should be focused on our youth.

You’re Gift Makes a Direct Impact!

Your gift helps launch new clubs, provide weekly resources, fund pizza and donut parties, purchase Game Day kits and snacks, Bibles and more!

Receive Exclusive Monthly Updates

Special Ways to Get Involved:

An exclusive monthly newsletter with a personal message from Chris Lane, stories and testimonies from students, school clubs and the inside scoop on all things FP.
You will be made aware of special opportunities to get involved and make a positive impact for Christ.