JOIN US for our first ever Pickleball Tournament

APRIL 15, 2023
8:45am – 12:30pm
Country Club of Coral Springs

10800 W Sample Rd., Coral Springs, FL 33065

$100 registration fee per team
$15 Spectator fee
Drinks and Food will be provided.

Check in opens at 8am, rules and regulations at 8:45am
Warm-up time: 8am - 8:45am.
Paddles will not be provided however, pickleballs will.
Grab-and-go breakfast and lunch will be provided. If you are spectating, please bring your own lawn chair!

Tournament will be 'round robin' style.
Two Levels of competition: Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced. Players will vs teams based off of their indicated skill level, not gender.
Teammates will stay together throughout the entirety of the tournament.
Please note that this is an amateur tournament.

*All sponsorship opportunities are now closed and player registration is FULL! Please register below if you would like to attend as a spectator and cheer on our participants!*



Event Sponsor: $3,000

  • 2 Teams (4 players)
  • Logo on Court
  • Logo on upper-back of shirt
  • Signage at food tables
  • Thanked during the event

Court Sponsor: $1,000

  • 1 Team (2 players)
  • Logo on court
  • Logo on upper-back of shirt

Shirt Sponsor:

  • $1,000 sleeve sponsor (limited to 2)
  • $500 upper-back sponsor
  • $300 lower-back sponsor


  • Competition will be round-robin style based solely on skill level, not gender makeup of team, with partners staying together for the entirety of the tournament.
  • Each team will play 5 games of 10 minutes each or to 11 points; whichever comes first.
  • The games will follow Rally Scoring, with each team serving twice in a row (once per partner).
  • Teams will be allotted 3 minutes between each game to get off/on the correct courts. If teams are able to get to their court fast enough, warm-ups will be allowed.
  • At the close of the tournament, one overall champion team will be determined regardless of skill level entered.

Court Rules:

Rock, Paper, Scissors will decide (1) which team will serve first, (2) which side they will play on, or (3) defer the selection to the opposing team. If the winning team selects serve or receive, the opposing team will select the starting side.

If a team is late to their court, the opposing team will choose to serve or receive as well as the side of the court they will play on, AND will automatically receive 1 point for every minute they are late.

No timeouts will be allowed during a game.

Following each match, the Ref will give the winning team the official score card, which must be submitted to the Scorekeepers table immediately following the match. Please do NOT wait to deliver your scorecard to the Scorekeepers.

The Timer Clock will be strictly enforced at 10 minutes per match and 3 minutes between matches.


  1. Monitor the toss at the beginning of each game.
  2. Assist and make judgments in case of a rules questions.
  3. Call lines in case of question.
  4. Record official score at the end of each match and give the scorecard to the winning team.