When August comes around we are excited to get clubs launched and participate in Club Rush week at high schools all across our regions. In the Treasure Coast at Treasure Coast High School, Ty and Hailey stood at their club rush table holding our First Priority signs eager and invested to get students to join their club. As a response to this, 14 students showed up to the following club meeting, then 19 students came the week after!

Here is a text John, our Treasure Coast Regional Director, received from Ty’s mom: 


“Good morning John!

I am so incredibly overwhelmed and I wanted you to know about our prayers last night and the joy Ty had when so many students turned out yesterday. He even walked home with some kids and spoke life into them. The sign he was holding during Club Rush that said “You Belong Here” has soooo much meaning because we speak that phrase over him and his brothers all the time. Ty holding that sign on campus just overwhelmed me.

We have cried about the lack of participation in the First Priority club and Ty had a really hard time at the training when he stood for Treasure Coast High School alone. His perseverance for the past 2 years shows true dedication and as something we always say in our home….we persevere through the hard.

As we have prayed and cried through this, we are so blessed to see God’s movement!” 


Thank you Ty, Hailey and all of our student leaders who are dedicated to share the Gospel on campus.

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