Our Marketing Director, Alyssa, visited Marjory Stoneman Douglas for their Invite Week and God moved in an incredible way!

“Being in marketing, a big part of my role is being on Campus, hearing the student’s and teacher’s stories and getting content to showcase what happens in our Campus Clubs. I  was at Marjory Stoneman Douglas last week and it was so amazing that I wanted to share it with you. 

It was Invite Week, so there was a Gospel message and an opportunity for students to pray and choose to follow Jesus. Daniela, the Mentor, had everyone close their eyes and the students who prayed were given a moment to raise their hands to indicate that they had accepted Jesus! But what was really impactful was afterwards, they put on worship music and had the student leaders go to those individuals and pray for and with them specifically. The other students were encouraged to turn to the students next to them and ask if there was anything they needed prayer for, and to pray with them. As I  was watching, I  wanted to cry at how beautiful the moment was. The Holy Spirit was so evidently in that room, on that public school Campus, with those students. Students were crying, meeting and making new friends, and that moment communicated to all those that were there, that First Priority Club’s are a place where students can come and it’s safe to be real because it will always be a place where they can get encouragement and love and prayer. 

Moments like this are happening at Clubs all across South Florida, on public school campuses and it’s amazing! It’s a miracle. Thank you for your continued prayers, the Lord is changing lives every day! ” – Alyssa Forman

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