We had our first Invite Week at Redland Middle School.

We’ve had a Club there for a few years, but it’s been a pretty challenging school to maintain and, when the pandemic hit, we couldn’t get the Club to meet on zoom. The principal we had before ended up leaving, but now there’s a new principal who happens to be a Christian! Ironically, he also goes to the same Church as our campus mentor! He has been so helpful and God has moved through this principal in so many ways to bless our Club at Redland Middle!


A lot of the students at Redland take the bus, so it’s been really hard to have Club before and after school. They also have multiple lunches so a lunch club isn’t an option.


After school there are usually only 60 kids who stay for other activities, so when we had 30 students come to our Invite Week we were blown away. 30 kids came and 13 chose to pray and receive Jesus. Majority of these students do not go to church, so being able to share the Gospel with them has been such a blessing.

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