I first got involved with First Priority when I was in High School. My youth pastor, at the time, was the Campus Mentor for the first priority at Clark Advanced High School, where I went, and he encouraged me to go. I loved going! I always had a passion to share the Gospel and First Priority was an amazing opportunity for me to grow in my Faith all the while learning to share the Gospel. My senior year, I became president of my club and was able to lead, which taught me a lot.

Having First Priority at my school really helped my walk with the Lord. It not only brought growth into my life, but also in my friend’s. Students in my class who I wasn’t friends with or I didn’t know were Christians, I would see at Club and realize that we had something very special in common – Jesus.

And with that in common, we learned that you could talk about God anywhere and at any time. Spiritual conversations weren’t just for youth group or church. As friends at school, we could talk about God any time and with anyone. Club gave us something to talk about and brought about conversations that deepened our relationships with each other and with God. Inviting the other students in our school to join in our First Priority Club was also a way we made new friends and encouraged them in learning more about God.

The biggest thing I learned was how important it was to share the Gospel. First Priority is a great tool in bringing the Lord into Schools. It’s very rare to see, but it’s important to bring God into your school experience. To bring the Good News of Jesus so that all might hear know how much God loves them.

After I graduated high school and left for college, my brother took over as president at Clark Advanced High School, then my sister ended being super involved with the same First Priority Club. After she graduated, my other younger brother also became involved in that club and is currently Vice President. I have one brother in middle school and it will be exciting to see him carry on the legacy of our family in leading and bringing the Lord into our high school with First Priority.

During Spring Share Week, I had the incredible opportunity to come back to my First Priority Club and share my testimony and then share the Gospel.

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