With COVID-19 Miami has been one of the hardest counties to have clubs in. Mainly because of meeting restrictions and lockdowns, but also because no schools have been allowed to meet. Clubs met on zoom and our student leaders did an amazing job at continuing to connect with students and run their First Priority groups online.

This spring, we only had one club that was allowed to meet in person.

“Spring Share Week” is in full swing and for our invite week and we are expecting at least 40 students. Donuts are ready, chairs are put out, teachers and leaders waiting, ready to share the Gospel. Ten minutes go by, and only a few students have shown up. We wait a little longer until the teacher finally decides that no one was coming and to cancel the meeting.

Little did we know, that the guard had closed the gate and wouldn’t let the students come inside. Students were gathered around the gate area and we didn’t realize until getting ready to leave that they had been waiting there.

School administration opened the gates and allowed the students who stayed to join club. For the majority of them, it was their first time ever at a First Priority Club. The Gospel was presented and many students made the decision to follow Jesus.”

We’ve had a lot of new students jointing our clubs and this story was just another reminder that Jesus moves. No matter what obstacles are in the way or doors closed, when it seems like no one is interested in showing up, Jesus still moves, shows up and changes lives.

Praise the Lord.

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