From our Space Coast Director: Joe Maldonado

I  had an amazing Church/Campus connection this week. A school board member from our Church graciously gave up her time and got me connected with the superintendent of all the Indian River Schools – who happens to be a believer. 

Unbeknownst to me, this superintendent had been trying to connect the Church to the Campus the entire year before! Which is exactly what we, here at First Priority, do. Being a part of First Priority, I was already encouraging Churches to really, truly love their schools and get connected to them, even if it wasn’t with an FP Club. 

While talking with this superintendent, he asked, “Well, how do you get your teacher sponsors?” I  told him it was either because a student asked a teacher, or the teachers heard about it and volunteered or that they attended a local church and got connected! His response was, “Well, I ’d love to help you get teachers to sponsor your Clubs. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have teachers for each of your Clubs…”

He’s now planning a breakfast to connect all the principals in the area with the pastors from local churches in the area. 

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