From our student leader at MOA (Marine and Oceanographic Academy):

“Today was our first Invite Week! We each invited some of our friends and had some donuts, but we did something else a little different. Each Invite Week, we have someone share their testimony, so this week I shared mine. Here’s the run down:

I grew up in a believing household. We didn’t go to Church, but we were believers nonetheless. My parents were always busy with work, so Church every Sunday didn’t really feel like an option for us. My real story began about a year and a half ago though. That’s when covid happened, and everything went virtual… including First Priority. Being at a science based school, religion is always so taboo. So I felt like I had a chance to connect myself with the Gospel, since it was all online. I didn’t have to ask for rides, and I didn’t have to worry about what other people said. So that’s where I   began. A few weeks later they asked me I   would be willing to  lead First Priority and I told them “absolutely not”… lol … I    ended up saying yes. Here I  am now. When I  began to learn about the love of Christ and I began to feel His love, I wanted nothing more than to show those around me what His love was. That’s where you guys come in! At First Priority this is what we try to show you, we try to share the word of Jesus, and His love for EVERYONE 🤍”



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