Expectancy is the state of thinking that something, especially something pleasant, will happen. It is to be hopeful and joyful.


As our Game Day volunteers conclude their clubs, they are required to complete a “Game Day Club Attendance and Recap Form”. On this form they are asked various questions that share details and highlight wins from the club on that day. We recently received a form from Kelly Green, a volunteer from Gracepoint Church, who leads in our North Andrew Gardens Elementary club. We are amazed how God continues to exceed our expectations not only in North Andrew Gardens but across all of our Elementary School campuses. 


Here are some details from the report: 



How many students attended club this week? 56!

How many new decisions for Christ? 13!

What did you expect today and what was the reality? “I expected a good day and good energy, and we had a great day with kids full of energy!”

Did anyone hear or witness God stories or testimonies at club this week? “We’re excited that one of the families who had expressed they were looking for a church, has begun attending a church on Sunday’s!

The report is closed with a prayer request:

We would love to see if we can allow a few from the waitlist to attend the club as we have some registered who have never attended.

Our expectations were for God to open the door on Elementary School campuses, establish a club and have students attend to learn about Jesus. He has exceeded our expectations and we now have over 50 students attending regularly, families are getting plugged into a local church and we even have a waitlist full of students eager to hear and learn about Jesus! 

Let’s continue to pray that God will lead more volunteers to assist at North Andrew Gardens Elementary and students will be moved from the waitlist to the club.

We are so thankful for what God is doing at North Andrew Gardens!

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