The celebration of our 300th club marked a momentous occasion, made possible by the support and collaboration of several devoted church partners in the area: Eau Gallie First Baptist Church, Coastline Community Church and Calvary Baptist. Among the distinguished guests were our esteemed Executive Director, Chris Lane, and Regional Director, Joe Maldonado.

As campus mentors, church staff and First Priority staff arrived at the school, the student leaders buzzed with excitement and anticipation. As we propped the festive balloons outside the classroom door, students were curious and drawn to the music that echoed in the school hallways. It wasn’t long before students started filling up the classroom. As Chris Lane shared an encouraging word, the atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm as students were motivated to invite their friends and schoolmates to the next club meeting. This celebration underscored the profound impact our organization is making, not only at Eau Gallie High School but also throughout Brevard County and across all our regions.

The success of our 300th club is a testament to God’s undeniable power and the collective efforts and collaboration that define our mission. We express deep gratitude for the divine work unfolding throughout all of our regions and extend our appreciation to everyone involved in spreading the Hope of Christ.

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