Calvary Plantation’s Kids Ministry Director, Autumn Wolcott, was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her first child, expected that week. In a touching gesture of love and appreciation, the dedicated volunteers and enthusiastic students recently organized a heartwarming baby shower for her during her final club meeting before she began her maternity leave. This celebration was a testament to the deep bond she had formed with the community.

Autumn had shown exceptional organizational skills, meticulously planning to ensure the smooth continuation of club activities during her absence. Her commitment and leadership had been instrumental in the success of the ministry. Together with her husband, Autumn had faithfully led the ministry every week at North Fork Elementary, creating a nurturing and inspiring environment for the children. Her dedication had endeared her to both the children and the volunteers, who undoubtedly would miss her presence.

As Autumn embarked on this new journey into motherhood, the entire community celebrated her joy and wished her all the best in this exciting phase of life. Her impact on the ministry and the lives she touched would continue to be felt, and her return would be eagerly anticipated by all.

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