One of our student leaders shared how she came to know the Lord. She is a passionate and incredible force on her school campus and we are so blessed to have her as one of our Club leaders!

“I came to know of the Lord through my grandma. She introduced me to God and I would always go with her to Church when I  was little. It wasn’t until a recent experience, though, that I came to truly know the Lord. 

At the age of 12, I was diagnosed with cancer. That single word changed my life in an instant and was completely unexpected. At first I  was super depressed, asking, “why is this happening to me.”

One day my dad sat me down and told me, “have faith in the Lord and He will give you the victory.”

His words really impacted me that’s when I  began to pray every day and build my relationship with God. The cancer treatment wasn’t easy, but I  never lost Faith or Hope. Before I knew it April 2 of 2021 came around and that day God did give me the victory; in beating cancer. Towards the end of treatment, I  started to understand why this had happened to me.

I  believe that God used me as an example to others, to give testimony of His faithfulness and to bring me closer to Himself.

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