I first heard of First Priority when one of my friends recommended it to me. I  hadn’t heard about the Club before and when she explained what it was I was super curious. At the Club, the students were really welcoming and really nice so I decided to go the next time they had a meeting and eventually, I joined the Club.

Being in the Club gave me a community and friends who were in the same season as me. When I’m struggling in school I  know that I  always have somewhere to go where I  don’t feel alone. Everyone is super supportive and there for each each other, which I love. First Priority helps with school as well because it’s an entire hour dedicated to focusing on the Lord and not the stress I sometimes feel from school.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned this year and a life lesson for me is, to always put everything into God’s hands and He will take control. He has proven to me numerous times that when you put your worries or stress into His hands you will feel peace and everything will fall into place.

First Priority is important because schools don’t  really allow us to talk much about religion. This Club is amazing because it gives us believers a place to express ourselves freely without having to be cautious about mentioning God or worried that we’ll be judged. It also a great way to spread the Gospel because you can introduce God to those who don’t  know about Him and in the Club you can talk and learn more about Him.


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