Marissa was a freshman. She had just recently come out of being homeschooled and put into a school with about 3000 students. She knew no one and didn’t have very many friends. She heard about First Priority and started to come every week. Most times she was the only student at Club. Eventually, students started showing up. They had 4-5 coming a week when that year ended. Marissa’s sophomore year, about 10 – 12 students started coming to Club and she began to be more and more comfortable inviting her friends and sharing about Club. Then COVID hit. Marissa was the only student who stepped up and said, “I  want to lead this club through covid and the shutdowns.” She began to lead and gather students, she talked with the school faculty and the administration, and got trained in how to lead a Club. This year, she lead her club every week in learning how to see their campus as a mission field and sharing Jesus with their friends. 

Her faculty sponsor said, “I  can’t believe this is the same girl who came into Club her freshman year. Her leadership has been amazing.” 

You know what it took for Marissa to step up and be a leader? 

It took a passion for Jesus Christ and for her friends to know Jesus. 

We believe God does incredible things through students who are passionate. 

And our role is to equip them so that they can reach their campus and their friends for Jesus. 

It’s amazing to see what God has done with Marissa and the impact she’s had. Can you imagine if we had students like her on every school campus? 

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