Charter High School was a school we could not get on campus. 

Then, there was Alex. This young lady said “I’m willing to take the lead and run this club throughout the school year.” It started out with 6-8 students which was a little discouraging at first, but she pressed on. She knew that she just needed to be faithful. Over the course of the school year she ended up having 25-30 students coming to club! She even had an atheist come out of curiousity and she thought “this person will never come again.” That student ended up choosing to be plugged into the Club and staying with the club for the rest of the school year! 

It’s students like Alex, who choose to be faithful and stay the course, who make the biggest differences on their campuses.

It’s thanks to her, to you and the countless others who’s prayers prepare the way for these Clubs that Christ is proclaimed and lives are transformed. 

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