One of our partners Brianna shares her testimony on how the Lord drew her to Himself. Her life wasn’t easy and she experienced extremely hard times, but through it all – there was Jesus.

“Jesus chooses you. With all your brokenness. With all your secrets. With all your hurts. Jesus does love you. If you’re sitting here today wondering is it worth it, wondering how you’ll get through today or tomorrow. He is. And He will come alongside you and fight these battles with you if you would lay these things at His feet; surrendering it all to Him.”


  • Aleksandra Clark says:

    Brianna’s story is truly life changing. Have a box of tissues ready before pressing play. My heart is overwhelmed by the goodness of God!

    • She truly is such a testimony of the faithfulness of God!
      I was so blessed by her and am so glad our students have exposure to such an amazing woman of God. Who, despite the very hard times in her life – still acknowledges the goodness and powerful hand of God in her life.

      Definitely need the tissues ^

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