This is such a testament to the impact that teachers have on the clubs and how when you pursue Jesus and follow the strategy, how much better and impactful the club is.

From John Ferguson in Miami:

When everything went online for COVID, this Club fell a part. Both of the teachers who had been involved with the Club left, and the students had a hard time keeping up with it online. 

This year Mike, our area director in Miami, had a new teacher reach out to him about relaunching the Club at John Ferguson and we were pumped! She’s amazing. Teachers in the past have blessed us by opening their classrooms etc., but this current teacher really has an incredible heart for the Lord. Due to school regulations, this Club wasn’t allowed to meet in person, but this teacher went to the administration and they, by God’s grace, allowed them to meet in person! 

They had an interest meeting to see if any students would want to join the Club and on Sunday a girl from Mike’s youth group cam running up to him at Church and said, “MIKE! Our Club is AWESOME! I  walked in and it was PACKED! There were no seats left and there were like 5 people who got up to speak and share.” 

She’s a senior and she said “This is going to be the best club we’ve ever had.” 


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