Coral Glades High School: 4.21.21

The speaker for today was a 63 year old grandmother who came to tell us the story about how God protected her.

She was taken to the E.R. over a pain in her arm that kept bothering and an ache in her head. The doctors were shocked to hear that she’d never taken any type of medication in her life before, and decided to give her morphine and ibuprofen for the pain. Once they left the room, they said they’d come back, and they did with 15 more doctors and nurses. They all surrounded her, tilting their heads, asking her questions, wondering what her problem was, but none of them told her what was going on.

Finally, her doctor comes in and tells her that her blood has risen to the blood pressure of TWO people. That’s high. At least, that’s what she could deduce, but, in reality she didn’t know what was going on. Her blood pressure was still high, so they said she had to stay overnight, but it ended up being 3 days and 2 nights, AND they put her on daily medication. A few days afterward, she’s on her knees in prayer asking The Father why this was happening to her when it’s never been a problem before, and she hears Him answer, “I promised you long life, and you will need help along the way to live it,” and she understood. BUT, little did she know, she did not FULLY understand.

She was having a conversation with someone she knew, a nurse at the hospital, about the situation, and she informed her that all the doctors that crowded in the emergency room, were waiting for her to pop. “What do you mean ‘pop,'” She says back. And the nurse replies, “a person with that high of blood pressure, at your age, meant one of two things: either soon you would stop living, or you would have a stroke and require roughly 3 years of therapy.”

Not a single doctor in the room told her what was going on, so she had no idea of the danger she was in. But she started to understand it that night when she was in prayer with the Lord again, and He let her know, “You heard the doctor tell you that you have the blood pressure of two people, yes?” And she did remember that’s what he said, and the Lord continued to say, “I was the second person inside you to make you blood pressure rise so high.”

The enemy sought to attack you, but I came to protect you. (See Daniel 3)

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