I  got started with First Priority because a friend of a friend from Church had contacted me to see if I  was interested in potentially working with a First Priority Club. I  hadn’t heard of First Priority before but I was intrigued. I  started helping with two schools under the campus mentors that were there. I  shadowed them and learned what First Priority actually was and about the heart that they have for the students of South Florida. 

In 2020, started my own club at a new school. 

The biggest thing I’ve learned, from the mentors before me and from personal experience, is the importance of quality time. The way we interact with our students is so important and they have to know that we care about them in order to make a difference. Being present in their lives for all seasons, not just for Club is crucial.

When I  start to see conversations and friendships growing beyond Club, that’s when I  know that we’re making a lasting impact.

A current challenge at my school is that all the clubs meet at the same time and on zoom. Because of that, our numbers fluctuate a lot. We have some students who are in multiple clubs and they have to switch back and forth to be involved. I’m grateful and thankful for the opportunity to be an influence for Christ in these students lives. To help them learn how to share the Gospel and to also learn alongside them on this journey with Jesus.

I just celebrated one year as a campus mentor.

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