Testimony from our West Palm Campus Mentor: Guery 

“This is Vanessa. I have known Vanessa for about 4 years ever since I was at Christ Fellowship Church and I  have been friends with her daughters over the past couple of years from youth.  About last year, Vanessa’s husband passed away. Yesterday, when I attended Christ’s Fellowship in Boynton Beach, I was meeting with a parent after service talking about First Priority and she was telling me about how much she wants her son to get involved with the Club at Boca High. As I was talking with her, Vanessa was passing by and jumped into the conversation. She knew the mom that I was talking to so the conversation ran about 30 mins. She was so shocked to hear us talking about First Priority. She told me she needed to share her testimony.

Her late husband had an incredible servant’s heart for the youth and cared so much about ministering to youth. After he passed away, she prayed and  felt in her heart the need to honor her husband in a way that kept his heart and passion alive; to give back to the youth.  Vanessa had heard about First Priority and she started looking up more information on our website without talking to anyone.  Last month, we had a huge event at Christ Fellowship called Infuse and, at the event, Vanessa took this picture with her daughters and friends. Behind them, you can see John Ainlay photobombing the photo by accident. When Vanessa looked back at the picture, she asked her daughter who that man was who was in the photo and they told her that it was John Ainlay. John is the youth pastor at Christ Fellowship Jupiter. Vanessa said to herself, “That face looks familiar…” and she came to realize that when she looked us up, on the website, she had seen  John Ainlay’s photo on there as one of our staff members. This is when she realized that she was receiving confirmation from the lord to partner with First Priority.

Fast forward to yesterday night, she got another confirmation talking about First Priority with the two of us, not even knowing that I was a part of it! She shared how much she cares about this ministry and she knows that the Lord put it on her heart to serve this ministry.”

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