From our Palm Beach Area Director: Josh Lane

“I  had two new faculty sponsors who started Clubs at schools that didn’t have Clubs last year.

One of them is the football coach at Wellington High. He moved here from Texas. He teaches at a middle school nearby, but is the football coach of Wellington high. Through the summer he really saw a deep need on the team; students who needed Jesus. So he wanted to lead the Club at Wellington high. Middle schools in Palm Beach don’t  start till 9am so he gets to the high school campus at 7am to lead the club; which is really amazing. 

Another new faculty sponsor we have is Craig. He got offered a teaching position at a Christian school this summer. He went and visited and he really thought that this was a good opportunity and something he had been waiting for. Then as he prayed about it he really felt like God wanted him to stay at the public middle school he was at. A few weeks later a youth pastor in the area approached Craig and they got into conversation about First Priority and Craig said “The Lord is calling me to stay and that’s why I  need to stay. I  need to start a Club on my campus at Emerald Cove Middle.” And he did. 

Really thankful for these two, who listened and humbly followed where the Lord was leading them. Excited to see what God does in both of these Clubs!”

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