I  had the privilege to call and chat with one of our campus mentors, Jay Holland, in Treasure Coast and what he had to say was SO encouraging. Please take the time to read and be encouraged!! Our Lord is moving! 

“First, I think it’s really important for our First Priority supporters to understand that First Priority is not just about connecting students to Christ and to the Church. It’s also been a great way to connect our Church in long-term healthy partnerships with local schools.

For instance, our Club at Clark Advanced Learning Center is at a charter school in our area that is a dual enrollment school. We had the blessing last year of being, I think, maybe one of 14 clubs in all of Florida that got to still meet in person week after week. But that was because the faculty saw how much value there was in these students getting together and having that emotional and spiritual support.

What we’ve experienced at the beginning of this year, I think really is a God story, but it’s a God story which comes from long-term and steady faithfulness to relationships, and then God choosing to move when He wants to move. I’ve been in the same club for at least six years, we’ve had the same faculty sponsors the entire time, at the same school, and everybody values one another. So it’s just the perfect combination of what can happen when a Church is able to get into partnership with a school.

In Clark’s case, it’s a 10th-12th grade and it’s limited to 250 students. Last year, when school was hybrid, I  would go for club and there would be literally no one in the hallways but we would still have a very faithful 10-12 students that would come to Club.

And then last week to walk into our very first meeting, that only had one announcement on the school campus before it happened, and we had 26 students. And then again, this past week we had 36 students show up!  We actually had to move rooms for the first time ever in the history of the club.

On the student level, the students that we have at this club are really genuine in their faith. None of them are like, “Hey, look at me” kind of personalities. They just faithfully seek to share the word, encourage believers and invite their friends from Wednesday to Wednesday.

What you’re seeing is the hand of God moving and rewarding the long-term faithfulness of these students from being consistent testimonies on the campus. 

I  really see a hunger for Christian fellowship and we had over 10% of the school at our First Priority meeting already. Which is incredible. I  mean, we’re not talking invite week either. We haven’t even gotten started on the curriculum yet, it’s just simply kids who are hungry for fellowship. They’re all from multiple churches and it’s been very, very encouraging.”

I ’m looking forward to seeing the miracles and testimonies which come from this Club and from all the Clubs around South Florida as they start and share the Hope of the Gospel.

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