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Because they were invited: God Story

March 15, 2022
I love how God uses each moment in our lives as an opportunity for Him!
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God Story: MSD Invite Week

March 1, 2022
Our Marketing Director, Alyssa, visited Marjory Stoneman Douglas for their Invite Week and God moved in an incredible way! 
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Gone, but not Forgotten

February 14, 2022
As we reflect on love today and how we can be love to the people around us, we also remember the families and victims who were impacted in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting of 2018. Here is a story of one of our First Priority students who was a victim on that fateful day:
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Redland Middle School: Invite Week

January 18, 2022
We had our first Invite Week at Redland Middle School. We’ve had a Club there for a few years, but it’s been a pretty challenging school to maintain and, when the pandemic hit, we couldn’t get the Club to meet on zoom.
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Not Enough Time: Ottavia’s Story

January 7, 2022
Testimony from our student leader at Pompano Beach High: Ottavia
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“The least I could do..”

December 7, 2021
When I  first came to the school First Priority was already going. The science teacher was the sponsor and we had a ton of students. I  kind of started hanging out after school. We didn’t have some of the new rooms we have now. Most of the students were seniors so after that year, the Club kind of dissipated...and the teacher left. I  saw a space where I  could fill the need and I  saw a program that impacted so many students and I  was like “okay, I  would love to do that.
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Bringing The Church: Game Day

November 8, 2021
We had 36 students attend our first club and 24 make decisions for Christ!!