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God Story

42 Clubs Launched!

September 21, 2021
In the last three weeks we've had 42 Clubs launch and over 1000 students attend Clubs all over South Florida! 
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When You’re Listening: God Story

September 13, 2021
I  had two new faculty sponsors that start Clubs at schools that didn’t have Clubs last year.
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Testimony of Faithfulness – God Story

September 2, 2021
I  had the privilege to call and chat with one of our campus mentors, Jay Holland, in Treasure Coast and what he had to say was SO encouraging. Please take the time to read!
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Students In a Stairwell: God Story

July 14, 2021
The school year was ending and faculty had given our First Priority Club permission to meet outside for our last meeting. We were getting too big for our classroom and couldn’t fit all of our students inside! Outside was perfect but then, it started to rain.
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Given the Victory: God Story

July 12, 2021
"I came to know of the Lord through my grandma. She introduced me to God and I would always go with her to Church when I  was little. It wasn’t until a recent experience, though, that I came to truly know the Lord. 
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Everything in God’s Hands: Student Testimony

July 12, 2021
I first heard of First Priority when one of my friends recommended it to me. I  hadn’t heard about the Club before and when she explained what it was I was super curious. At the Club the students were really welcoming and really nice so I decided to go the next time they had a meeting and eventually, I joined the Club.
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Then COVID Hit: God Story

June 16, 2021
Marissa was a freshman. She had just recently come out of being homeschooled and put into a school with about 3000 students. She knew no one and didn’t have very many friends.
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Preparing the Way: God Story

June 16, 2021
Charter High School was a school we could not get on campus.  Then, there was Alex.