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Who He Is: Student Testimony

June 2, 2021
Though I always prayed and held God close to my heart, I had very little knowledge of His Word until the summer of 2020. I became much closer to Jesus when I started reading the Gospel of Matthew and learned who He was at a deeper level.
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God’s Protection – Guest Speaker Story

May 3, 2021
The speaker for today was a 63 year old grandmother who came to tell us the story about how God protected her.
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Chris Gonzalez: One Year as a Campus Mentor

April 29, 2021
I’m grateful and thankful for the opportunity to be an influence for Christ in these students lives. I  just celebrated one year of being a campus mentor. 
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Westwood School – God Story

April 28, 2021
Even in what seems like a dark place, God still works.
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Braden Olsen Testimony

April 28, 2021
I always had a passion to share the Gospel and First Priority was an amazing opportunity for me to grow in my Faith all the while learning to share the Gospel.
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North Miami Middle – God Story

April 28, 2021
With COVID-19 Miami has been one of the hardest counties to have clubs in. Mainly because of meeting restrictions and lockdowns, but also because no schools have been allowed to meet.
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Renaissance Charter at Summit

April 28, 2021
It’s still an odd feeling being on campus after such a long time of social distancing and zoom. West Palm is one of our counties that has opened schools and clubs pretty quickly.