Teacher Sponsor testimony from Treasure Coast High School:

First Priority was already going when I first came to the school.  The science teacher was the sponsor and we had a ton of students. I kind of started hanging out after school. We didn’t have some of the new rooms we have now. Most of the students were seniors so after that year, the Club kind of dissipated…and the teacher left. I saw a space where I  could fill the need and I  saw a program that impacted so many students and I was like “okay, I would love to do that. I would love to be around these students and help them grow if I  can and even being here and provide them a place.” That’s the least I could do, was to give them a space to come and learn about God and share their faith and fellowship with others. 

We had a different sponsor that came from a Church and his name was Ricky. A lot of the students went to his church and one week as he was sharing about their church, I  was like “oh you know what I  should check out that church.” I  ended up finding my church through First Priority. 

I’ve witnessed so many students be able to open up, to lead, to share their faith, to invite people and get to of their comfort zone. Which I  think is so important because as a faculty member it’s hard for me to talk about Faith but I  can encourage these students to do that. It’s just one way I  can have an outreach into our school. And that’s the whole point of me being here, is to create a space that allows students to come in and listen and hear the Gospel and hopefully become believers. It’s my way of witnesses, in the background. 

When we first started, we only had three students and now they’ve grown so much and it’s because of them that the Club is where it is. 

What’s great about the Club is you’re not just hearing from an adult. You’re surrounded by people who are your age, going through similar situations, who have the same background. The group we have is very diverse, but they come together for a common cause which is to learn more about God, to strengthen their relationship with Him and to share the Gospel. The best thing about this club is that it gives students the opportunity to share their faith. To learn how to share, and for the students who don’t  know God, have the opportunity to hear about Him. 

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